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“Sochi Olympic Ceremonies Stadium Announcer”


John Cavanagh is a professional voice over artist and broadcaster with over 20 years experience in both fields. In 2014, John's voice has been heard by over three billion tv viewers worldwide in his role as Stadium Announcer at the Sochi Olympic & Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Although Scottish, he can mimic many different voices to produce different character and dialect styles in rapid succession. With a three octave vocal range for singing, John’s voice is readily able to encompass a wide age range in speech terms: from young, lively adult with a hard-sell style to elderly sounding voice parts; assorted monsters in a fantasy tale to the sound of vintage Russian radio for a stage play. The first voiceover he recorded was for a Sony Records tv campaign back in 1991. His enthusiasm remains undimmed for projects as diverse as hard edged tv and radio commercials to narrating documentaries on sensitive subjects such as war and even the work of a mortuary service.
Cavanagh is one of the few people to have broadcast for all five BBC UK radio networks, from hosting the Monsters of Rock Festival on Radio One to a series on opera for Radio Three, along with World Service/BBC International, BBC Radio Scotland, working as a tv & radio continuity announcer and newsreader and 14 seasons voicing the Classified Football Results on BBC1 tv in Scotland, which led to a collaboration with Turner Prize nominee Simon Patterson for the Tate Modern Gallery in London. Cavanagh can easily handle a range of styles from accurately mimicking dj’s such as John Peel and Alan Freeman to camp-voiced British stars like Kenneth Williams and the darker horror movie styles of Christopher Lee and John Hurt.
John Cavanagh also makes music, both solo under the name Phosphene and as part of the duo Electroscope, produces albums by many artists, has written a book on Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd and the emergent counterculture of 1960s London... the story goes on! Here are recent examples of work: (John Cavanagh's David Attenborough impersonation!)


“Mr Cavanagh is a joy to work with! He has an amazing ability to take a creative brief and make something which goes above and beyond expectations, and he does so with good grace and humour. Keep up the good work!"
Camp David, Stockholm, Sweden.

"John brought my writing to life and created a dynamic and depth to the piece that I had not even hoped to achieve! Fantastic actor and a godsend for this project."
Tonda Ros, Visual artist, Los Angeles, USA

"Great service. Client is very happy with John's voice."
TVP Film & Multimedia Ltd, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I really enjoyed working with you and liked your approach. It was great to be able to hear you do the read throughs and you were very positive and patient in delivering the different tweaks. We would recommend your work and would certainly look to use you again in the future."
Abi Mellor, MORΞVER, West Sussex, England

"John's imitation skills were unbelievable. A perfect result! And fast and awesome to work with.”
Teemu Mäki-Patola, Frogmind Games, Helsinki, Finland.

"Client loves the animation... Thanks again for all your help and the quick turn-around."
David Hartmann, Contagious, Edinburgh, Scotland.

"Working with John on our video for B&Q was great, his delivery was perfect for his character - a toilet, which was a feat in itself. John was a pleasure to work with, he was prompt with delivery and our clients loved his voice. We would definitely recommend John, he is professional, reliable and has a great voice."
Joe Spademan, The Sharp Project, Manchester, U.K.

"John was a pleasure to work with and had a tremendous range of delivery! Our client was absolutely thrilled - I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again."
Kimberley Mcarthur, producing U.S. TV commercial for Pilsbury Toaster Strudel.

"Excellent work!! Fast turn around and high quality files!! True perfection!!"
Rob Mundy,, London, Ontario, Canada.

"Great job. Very quick turnaround and a good selection of takes. Pleasure to deal with!"
Ricky Wood, local TV, Aberdeen, Scotland.

"John was very professional and easy to work with, and we were pleased with the end product."
Kim Buttery, Holler Creative Agency, London, England.

"Fantastic work. Very quick, efficient and a wonderful voice."
Ryan Rumboldt, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

"I just had to write and tell you that I've been laughing as I've been editing all day long. You did an incredible job with this - it's like you were the voice I heard when I was putting it together. I can't thank you enough for taking this one on. Your narration absolutely makes this project."
Jennifer Nycz-Conner, Washington Business Journal, Arlington, VA

"We had an extremely short deadline. Your professionalism made it possible to have the right caliber of voice on time and on budget. We really appreciate your fast turn around and respect your vocal artistry. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you again, soon."
Bret Icenhower, Vice President/G.M. Brainstorm Media, Inc. Columbus, Ohio.

Dear Mr. Cavanagh,
It was a pleasure working with you on the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies as our English Speaking Announcer!
I wanted to thank you again for your patience and professionalism in negotiating the travel and visa challenges. I know first hand that this was an “added responsibility” not usually a part of the casting and contracting process, and you weathered it well.
I also cannot begin to tell you how appreciative we are of your performances, both in the protracted rehearsals - a true "hurry up and wait" experience - and in the live event before more than 40,000 in Fisht Stadium, as well as the international broadcast to over three billion viewers worldwide. And one things that stands out in your performance is that fact that after receiving the initial notes of what we were looking for from you, we did not give you a single note once rehearsal started, you simply understood exactly what we were looking for and delivered it spot-on, every time.
I am truly looking forward to working with you again in the near future.
Greg Fox, Headline Talent Producer, FiveCurrents

"All files approved in first take... :) Simply perfect. Thank you very much John. You're the best and our client is very pleased."
Christian Mogensen, Odense, DK

"Incredibly responsive and professional, someone you can count on. A++"
Anton Maximovsky, Motion Path Inc. Design Agency, Montreal, Canada

"John did an excellent Job for us, he was very helpful and responded quickly."
Tim Pelgrim, Yip-Yip, Rotterdam, Netherlands

"Very responsive, professional and accommodating, 5 stars!"
Motion Path: Broadcast Design Agency, Montreal, Quebec.

"John has been a great resource in production. Besides having a wonderful voice, John also gives input on the content, as his experience makes him very competent in this matter. Something I really appreciate, especially since English is our primary language. He is in every way professional, fast and very pleasant to work with. Thanks!!"
Martin Lönborg, Producer, Hurra FIlm, Denmark

"In the Spring of 2013, we found ourselves in need of a narrator to recite various poetry and writings from our newly published book on my husband's art. It was a project very near and dear to our hearts as we searched endlessly through what seemed like a thousand and one profiles to find the perfect voice to give life and emotion to my husband's writings. Thankfully, in the end, we discovered John Cavanagh. I cannot describe how fortunate we feel to have the gift of his voice in our films. His tone is so rich, varied and has such depth of feeling, with just the right balance to make each vignette come alive. We have received endless comments, everyone wanting to know the mysterious voice behind my husband's writings. I could never imagine a collaboration more meant to be. With all this said, Mr. Cavanagh remained so wonderfully warm, yet professional throughout the entire process. We continue to dream of other projects allowing us to work together in the future as it was such an extraordinary experience."
Amy Cantor for Tim Cantor Art, San Diego, CA, USA

"We have used John for our projects working with a very large corporate client in the USA. We enjoyed working with him for his high level of professionalism, ease of work and clear communication. Our office is in the West Coast of the USA - and we felt as if he was working with us on our timezone."
Maya Zuckerman, Rebel Unit, SanFrancisco, CA.

"Great voice, helped us with a last minute job."
Matt Rutherford (for Pfizer corporate video), Roc Noir, Mountain View, CA.

"John completed recording our narration is record time and was willing to accommodate our less than realistic deadline. Much appreciated! The recording was excellent. We look forward to working with John on the next project."
Mahad Ibrahim, Gobee Group, Bellevue, Washington (USA)

"Wonderful voice, so easy to work with (turnaround time was often within an hour!), personally invested in the success of my project, and was able to modulate his voice over enough to give us several different options to choose from. I would absolutely work with John again!"
Karen Duffin, Skoll Foundation.

"It was a pleasure to work with John. Great communications, quick turnaround, and his performance was just as I'd hoped when our video project was first being planned. Highly recommended!"
Kenny Hannah, SQMC Ltd. Dunfermline, Fife, GB

"What a pro! I won't use anybody else for this work. :)"
Daniel Morrison, Remnant Studios, Freeport, IL, USA.

"John is a great actor who is concerned about giving the best results he can. Nothing but great marks to give this guy."
Brad Bower, S2 Games, Kalamazoo, MI, US

"It is always a pleasure to work with John. He is professional, he works fast and he has a fantastic voice. I will recommend John anytime."
Christian Mogensen, Stupid Studio, Odense, DK

"Mr. John Cavanagh did an incredible job and nailed the voice we were looking for, would hire him again in an instant."
Michael Bast (Author)

"Excellent talent! It was a pleasure to work with John!"
Tatyana Sentyakova, Scienart Media, Perm, RU

"A true professional that has been a pleasure to work with. Even with time zone complications he always had the voice-over ready earlier than I expected. You won't go wrong with John."
Brian Arabsky, Imagine HD Production Services Ltd. or Driving Television) Surrey, BC, CA

"Working with John is great! The voiceovers are just what we need, and the turnaround time is incredible."
Natalya Tregubova, Elephant Games, Ltd.

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